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1 Pre-school education and child care in Germany


We are a group of students attending .... in Canada. We are enrolled in Early Childhood Education. We have been assigned a project to learn about the quality and standards of Childcare across the globe. Our main point of interest is for children under the age of six. We were wondering if you could send us the following;

1. Government regulations dealing with Child care policies and standards 2. Funding information, who pays for childcare? 3. Any pamphlets or other materials about general information on children up to the age of six years old.

We appreciate your time reading this letter, and hope to hear back from you soon with more information.


Thank you for your kind interest in German education system – especially in German child care. For the moment all I can offer to you is this:

The German education system: basic facts


Pre-school education and care

2 Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr (voluntary social year) in Germany


Hello! I am... and i am from Malaysia. i would like to join this program. I majored in German in University .... so i can communicate in basic good german. I find myself very interested in this program, so hope you will consider my application.


Please note that we do not offer this programme ourselves. We only provide online information on the FSJ, so please have a look at the following websites: Voluntary year of social service (FSJ) You will find information on regulations and organisations offering the programme, you should contact them directly.

3 Video French language course "Bon Courage"


Please inform me of the availabilty of vidio tape French Language teaching Material & how I might be able to obtian the range from A---to Z, E.G. "BON COURAGE" The Vidio Tapes, French for Starters.


the French learning materials "Bon Courage" can be obtained via: and should also be available via bookshops.

Online materials for learning French can be found at:

4 Science Education Promotional Fair


I was in Germany during the 2006 Frankfurt Book Fair and i wish to attend the Science Educational Promotion fair or the Sceince Education Promotional Fair one of the above is correct please i wish to have information about that and attend too so could you inquire and send to me the dates and venue where this shall be taking place ? if yes then i shall be very happy.


Unfortunately I could not find any information about this event. When you search for the phrase via a search engine you get hints to some smaller fairs at colleges or schools etc. but nothing that seems to be the right thing. So I am afraid I cannot help you.

5 Verification of doctor title


I am a swedish journalist working for the Swedish Television. Now I have a short question to You:

Is it possible for You to inform me whether a person is a doctor or not? I have a name and I want to know if he has an " approbation als Arzt".

Is this possible?


This kind of information is not available from us. Maybe the Bundesaerztekammer or the Marbuger Bund (association of doctors) can help you.

6 Development partnership


..., is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization working for Poverty- reduction, Literacy, Employment, Women Empowerment &Disaster Management in Malakand Region, NWFP, Pakistan, since 1999 with a vision of striving in partnership with Community, Public & civil society organizations, to develop a just, peaceful and prosperous Society, where all have equal access to opportunities irrespective of gender, color, race, religion and status.

We are seeking for partnership, Please provide us the partnership guidelines and other relevant Information.


As we are no development aid organisation we cannot offer you any partnership ourselves. On the following page you can find information about Germany's development policy and a list of players in development:

Maybe one of the organisations can help you further or tell you if there is a development project in your area that could do something for you.

7 Book on playing frisbee


I need ultimate Frisbee BOOK concerning "Techniques & Tactics".or something about the Frisbee games. because, I will have a Training course in the near future and I want to prepare my self very well.


We are a web portal and have no books on offer. Please consult a book shop or library.

8 English translation of Eduserver website


I am currently studying for a Masters degree at the ... and want to know if you can direct me to any English translations of your site documents.


An English version of our website can be found at (International Visitors): English version means that we offer a translation of the navigation structure and general information pages. Our database entries are usually in German, but for some entries translations of descriptions are available. In the middle section of the English homepage you can find dossiers that consist only of English entries (e.g. Find out about Germany). This is an additional feature not available on the German website.

In our sections "Subject Areas" and "Links for" we offer a structured access to our database entries that link to other websites. Information on intercultural or multicultural education can be found at:

9 German language course in Germany


I am writing to ask about the programs you offer.

I am from Russia, Moscow. And I am a student of .... I am studying Economics, English, German and Spanish.

I would like to improve my German, which I have been studying for 3 years. So I am interested in studying the language during this summer holidays in a German-speaking country.

I would be very grateful to you, if you could send me information about some grant or exchange programs for foreign students.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


For information about learning German you best contact the Goethe Institut in Russia: Learning German in Germany:

The German Academic Exchange Service also offers information on learning German: They can also tell you which universities offer summer courses for students, which exchange programmes exist and whether you can get financial help. See also:

Further information on learning German can be found at:

Ressources for learning German online:

General information on financial support for foreign students:

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