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Support for immigrants
Support for immigrants
===International comparison early years framework===
I am studying Early Years Childhood Studies. Part of my course requires me to compare international early years frameworks and curriculum's for the 0-5 age range. Would it be possible for you to forward information on these please.
For your comparison of international early years frameworks and curriculums I can only send you some links from the feature "Looking at /comparing with Europe and worldwide" You can find there reports, information on cross national projects and information on the curricula in selected countries. The page "Early educational concepts and international curricula" is also dealing with your request. I hope that the information will behelpful.


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Pre-school education and child care in Germany


We are a group of students attending .... in Canada. We are enrolled in Early Childhood Education. We have been assigned a project to learn about the quality and standards of Childcare across the globe. Our main point of interest is for children under the age of six. We were wondering if you could send us the following;

1. Government regulations dealing with Child care policies and standards 2. Funding information, who pays for childcare? 3. Any pamphlets or other materials about general information on children up to the age of six years old.

We appreciate your time reading this letter, and hope to hear back from you soon with more information.


Thank you for your kind interest in German education system – especially in German child care. For the moment all I can offer to you is this:

The German education system: basic facts


Pre-school education and care

Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr (voluntary social year) in Germany


Hello! I am... and i am from Malaysia. i would like to join this program. I majored in German in University .... so i can communicate in basic good german. I find myself very interested in this program, so hope you will consider my application.


Please note that we do not offer this programme ourselves. We only provide online information on the FSJ, so please have a look at the following websites: Voluntary year of social service (FSJ) You will find information on regulations and organisations offering the programme, you should contact them directly.

Video French language course "Bon Courage"


Please inform me of the availabilty of vidio tape French Language teaching Material & how I might be able to obtian the range from A---to Z, E.G. "BON COURAGE" The Vidio Tapes, French for Starters.


the French learning materials "Bon Courage" can be obtained via: and should also be available via bookshops.

Online materials for learning French can be found at:

Science Education Promotional Fair


I was in Germany during the 2006 Frankfurt Book Fair and i wish to attend the Science Educational Promotion fair or the Sceince Education Promotional Fair one of the above is correct please i wish to have information about that and attend too so could you inquire and send to me the dates and venue where this shall be taking place ? if yes then i shall be very happy.


Unfortunately I could not find any information about this event. When you search for the phrase via a search engine you get hints to some smaller fairs at colleges or schools etc. but nothing that seems to be the right thing. So I am afraid I cannot help you.

Verification of doctor title


I am a swedish journalist working for the Swedish Television. Now I have a short question to You:

Is it possible for You to inform me whether a person is a doctor or not? I have a name and I want to know if he has an " approbation als Arzt".

Is this possible?


This kind of information is not available from us. Maybe the Bundesaerztekammer or the Marbuger Bund (association of doctors) can help you.

Development partnership


..., is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization working for Poverty- reduction, Literacy, Employment, Women Empowerment &Disaster Management in Malakand Region, NWFP, Pakistan, since 1999 with a vision of striving in partnership with Community, Public & civil society organizations, to develop a just, peaceful and prosperous Society, where all have equal access to opportunities irrespective of gender, color, race, religion and status.

We are seeking for partnership, Please provide us the partnership guidelines and other relevant Information.


As we are no development aid organisation we cannot offer you any partnership ourselves. On the following page you can find information about Germany's development policy and a list of players in development:

Maybe one of the organisations can help you further or tell you if there is a development project in your area that could do something for you.

Book on playing frisbee


I need ultimate Frisbee BOOK concerning "Techniques & Tactics".or something about the Frisbee games. because, I will have a Training course in the near future and I want to prepare my self very well.


We are a web portal and have no books on offer. Please consult a book shop or library.

English translation of Eduserver website


I am currently studying for a Masters degree at the ... and want to know if you can direct me to any English translations of your site documents.


An English version of our website can be found at (International Visitors): English version means that we offer a translation of the navigation structure and general information pages. Our database entries are usually in German, but for some entries translations of descriptions are available. In the middle section of the English homepage you can find dossiers that consist only of English entries (e.g. Find out about Germany). This is an additional feature not available on the German website.

In our sections "Subject Areas" and "Links for" we offer a structured access to our database entries that link to other websites. Information on intercultural or multicultural education can be found at:

German language course in Germany


I am writing to ask about the programs you offer.

I am from Russia, Moscow. And I am a student of .... I am studying Economics, English, German and Spanish.

I would like to improve my German, which I have been studying for 3 years. So I am interested in studying the language during this summer holidays in a German-speaking country.

I would be very grateful to you, if you could send me information about some grant or exchange programs for foreign students.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


For information about learning German you best contact the Goethe Institut in Russia: Learning German in Germany:

The German Academic Exchange Service also offers information on learning German: They can also tell you which universities offer summer courses for students, which exchange programmes exist and whether you can get financial help. See also:

Further information on learning German can be found at:

Ressources for learning German online:

General information on financial support for foreign students:

Job in the IT sector in Germany


My name is ..., I am a Java Developer(J2EE), and I have around 3 years of experience, I live and work in Egypt, currently I work for .... Actually I was not graduated from Engineering or Computer Science college, I was graduated from the faculty of ... university in ..., and later I was granted to study Information Technology's related topics, and I studied the Java programming Language, it was for around 6 month, were finished in ... and since that time and I work as a Java Developer.

I've heard that there're a lot of opportunities in Germany to work in the IT field, and really I am very interested to work and live in Germany, so would you please reply this mail telling me about what are the possibilities to get it, and if there're no possibility then please clarify it for me and what is exactly missing, and if yes then would you please tell me what are the steps shall I take?


General information about Germany can be found on our web page Find out about Germany: There is a special page on working and living in Germany: For further information you can also contact the German Embassy in Cairo:

Replacement of certificate


Could you please inform me as to how to obtain a replacement certificate for a student who attended the ... and was awarded a certificate in Attesting to State Certification as childcare worker/teacher - awarded .... Could you please provide me with the following: How to obtain a new certificate and Details of any costs involved.


The best way to obtain a replacement certificate is to contact the respective school directly:

German education system


I am conducting some academic research for a dissertation for the above degree. I wonder if you could help by putting me in touch with someone that can supply information in an educational context. I am particularly interested in the German educational system, their secondary system, and their links to industry. Also, their commitment to the EU's Lifelong Learning agenda and the funding of their education system.


I would recommend the following web resources to you for information on the German education system in general, with a focus on secondary education and the EU programme for Lifelong learning:

(1) The Education System in the Federal Republic of Germany 2004" (PDF-files)

You can access an official document from this website, published by the Standing Conference of Ministers of Cultural Affairs in the Lander States in the Federal Republic of Germany. The chapters can either be downloaded individually, or you can access the complete file. The information includes historical developments, current status, policy and reform developments, and the European dimension of education in Germany.

(2) The German Education Server (Eduserver) offers link collections, including the following sites;:

“The German Education System: Basic facts”

Please note that this is a reference system, you will find a comprehensive information system regarding web-based resources here with links to the actual websites and official documents,

(3) EURYDICE: Information on Education in Europe.

This website can be browsed by topics, it is particularly useful with regard to comparative assessments, statistics and glossaries. See, for instance:

“Key data on Education 2005”

(The full text document can be downloaded from this site, it concerns educational indicators and figures relating to participation, administration, policy, financing of education in Europe), EURYDICE offers information resources on Lifelong Learning, too.

Jobs in school or higher education


I am PhD students in a dutch univesity of educational sciences in ... (social and cultural pedagogy, language of instruction english), I want to apply for a job either in some high schools or a univesity in Germany, may you please send me the procedures I have to follow and the general info about the eligibility for such a purpose


If you want to work in secondary school education you best contact the respective ministries of education: Resources for searching for a teaching post can be found at Please note that most of the information is only available in German.

For information on working at a university or other higher education institution I can only hint at our collection of job search engines at

Questions regarding the recognition of qualifications can be answered by the following institutions: Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen (Central Office for Foreign Education)

Ministries of science and reseach

Professional classification/academical recognition of Bachelor, Master and other degrees: international

General information on working and living in Germany:

Placement / internship in Germany


My name is ... and I am a master student of the University of ..., Finland. The name of the program is Baltic Sea Region Studies. The program is about economics, politics, culture and history in the northern part of the Europe as well as Germany. Currently I am in ... in my research semester at the ...( NordEuropa Institut). I am interested in an internship (praktikum) position. Is there any possibility for doing an internship? If there is can you tell me when and how can I apply for it.


Unfortunately we cannot offern an internship in this field. But you can find a collection of internship search services on our web page: Placement / Internship / Work experience search services

Additional search services can be found via the web page Jobs and practical training for students

Of interest might also be the web page Working and living in Germany

Partners in vocational education / further education


I am ..., project manager of closed-end company ... in Lithuania. We run various projects financed by European Union as well trainings for Lithuanian business companies. To make our service more interesting and attractive for our clients we are looking for partners in Europe in order to exchange our experience, learning material, tutors proficiency, etc.

Would you be willing to share your experience with us? Are you interested in seminar organisation in Lithuania with participation of your tutors?


You have contacted the German Education Server (Deutscher Bildungsserver), a web portal that provides internet resources on education in Germany. We do not offer seminars nor are we involved in teaching activities. Therefore we have to decline your offer.

You can find institutions active in the field of vocational education and further education on our website at: and Maybe you can find some useful contacts there.

Translator English-German


I am a writer and cartoonist currently working on a series of Cartoon Books for children. These book shave to be translated into German! And also I am looking for an editor to go over it after it is done, in German, to correct any mistakes in language or punctuation. Can you refer me to anyone?


thank you very much for your enquiry but unfortunately we cannot recommend any translators or editors. But I can give you the addresses of some German associations of translators: (literary translators)

Placement in agriculture in Germany


I am currently studying an MSc in International Rural Development at the ..., England (UK) and am seeking future employment within an organisation that is involved in sustainable development/agriculture and food security.

If you should happen to know of any organisations which offer graduate placements or jobs, I would be most grateful to receive any data concerning this.


We cannot recommend any organisations or institutions that offer placements but the following resources might be helpful for your further search (unfortunately most of the information will be available only in German):

A list of institutions and societies concerned with sustainable development on our server:

A link list of web portals on agriculture

Education Server Agriculture with information on education and training, jobs and exchange programmes

Professional association for agriculture and food

A list of job search services for the agricultural sector:

General Placement / Internship / Work experience search services

Recognition of preschool teacher qualification


I am an English Kindergarten and Preschool Teacher working in Germany, and hold an N.V.Q. Level 3 Early childhood and education certificates, I would like to know what I have to do in maybe a short course to get some form of recognition or acceptance for a stätliche annerkent certificate without having to do all the kindergarten course as I am already fully trained.


For information on the recognition of foreign qualifications you can contact the Central Office for Foreign Education (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen): or the ministry of education of the Bundesland you are working in. The addresses can be found at They should be able to tell you whether your qualifications are sufficient or if an additional course is needed and how you can obtain a "staatliche Anerkennung".

Special education and speech therapy in Germany


I have a 3 year old daughter with sever speech delay. She just started Early Education Intervention. Please, I would like to know which method Germany uses in Special Education.


A short description of (special) education in Germany can be found at

For an overview of web documents on the system of special education in Germany, please see our website

Here, a particular document of interest might be

From the distance no one can give any advice, which treatment, therapy or special education programme will be successful.

Beside the worldwideweb exist a huge amount of articles and books for special education. Please try your library to find interesting information about special education in the field of speech delay.

German ressources found in the worldwideweb by Deutscher Bildungsserver arranged under URL

Internship in the automobile industry


this is ... currently in 3rd year (BE) mechanical, Delhi College of Engineering, India. It is compulsory in our curriculum to do an internship after completion of 3rd year in months of june & july. I want to do mine in Germany in field of automotives. I want to know the procedure & where should i apply for internship in Germany.


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) can offer some basic advice on internships for students in Germany. They have an office and information centres in India:

Useful contact addresses can also be: The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

the Indo-German Chanber of Commerce:

or the Association of the German Automobile Industy: On their German website they also offer a job search service: unfortunately this is not available in English.

You can find a collection of internship search services on our web page: Placement / Internship / Work experience search services

Additional search services can be found via the web page Jobs and practical training for students:

General information about Germany can be found on our web page Find out about Germany: There is a special page on working and living in Germany: For further information you can also contact the German Embassy in New Delhi:

Suppliers of educational software


We are right now seeking for information about language learning software and educational software for K-12 market (primary and secondary). We would like to start co-operation with suppliers of educational software to your Ministry of Education (and of course to schools and pupils). Can we get just simple list of firms that provide your schools with educational software and curriculum content?


The German Education Server (Deutscher Bildungsserver) is not a ministry but a web catalogue on education in Germany, see also:

We cannot offer a list of companies or suppliers of educational software but the following resources might be useful contacts:

There are two associations of educational suppliers that could get you in contact with relevant companies:

Didacta Verband see: Der Verband

VDS Bildungsmedien e.V.

On page you can also find a list of databases that offer information about educational software.

Business information on the private training sector


I am writing you to enquire about the possibility of obtaining business profile information.

We are interested in a list of commercial providers of training and educational for professionals in Germany. We are not interested in public educational institutes/organizations or public colleges and universities. If possible we would like to receive the following information per company:

· amount of workers

· revenue

Can you provide this list? What are the total costs? When can it be delivered?


Unfortunately we cannot provide business profile information or a list of commercial providers of training and education. But maybe the following organisations can give you further advice:

Kuratorium der Deutschen Wirtschaft für Berufsbildung

Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten e.V. (AdB) Association of German Educational Organisations (AdB)

Wuppertaler Kreis e.V. - Bundesverband betriebliche Weiterbildung

Evaluation of qualification Bautechniker


I am in contact with an individual who holds a Bautechniker from Regierung Von Oberbayern, Germany and I am not clear on its standing as a qualification. I was wondering if you had any additional information on this type of qualification and what it is equivalent to, qualification wise in Germany. You urgent response is very much appreciated on this matter.


Bautechniker is a further vocational education qualification (no higher education/university qualification). After serving a three-year apprenticeship in any job of the building industry and some work experience you can attend a further education college to qualify as a Bautechniker (specialisations for different types of building are possible). The qualification is awarded from the state. They make drawings, calculations and building site management, but the level is below an engineer from university.

For more information about jobs and qualifications in the German building industry you can consult or contact the associations of the building industry (the websites are only in German but someone will be able to give information in English):

Deutsche Bauindustrie Zentralverband Deutsches Baugewerbe IG Bau (trade union)

For the evaluation of international vocational qualifications you can also contact the UK NATIONAL REFERENCE POINT FOR VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS

English language kindergarten, pre-school


I'm really interested to work in an bilingual or english speaking kindergarten, preschool or other childcare when I'll be back in Germany. However I just know German speaking houses.

Anyway do you know any?And maybe could you tell me some adresses or other information about this?


Please find enclosed a link to a germanwide network for bilingual day nurseries and schools. The website features among others job offers. Maybe you will find there contacts for work. Additionally there are address lists of associated nurseries and schools.

Link: (Association for early multilingualism in day nurseries and schools, reg. soc. V.)

Trade unions and their role in vocational education and training


ich mache eine Forschung ueber das dual System der Ausbildung in Deutschland. ich haette eine Frage: welche Rolle die Gewerkschaften im Dualen System bzw. bei der Vermittlung von Schülern in Ausbildungsstellen spielen? What's the most important actors in the industrial relations which are involved in the german dual system?(( do they help in making agreements, how do they help students in the transition from school to work? do they help the creation of training programmes? or do they care personally the training of young people in the transition? What are the most impotant results of their action? (Agreements? Statements? or somethign else, such as Das Bildungsgesetz, or diie ausbildungpakt??)


For general information about the (vocational) education system in Germany you can find resources at: English version:

More detailed information about vocational education in Germany can be found at:

In the sub-section on vocational training policy you can also find information on support programmes for the transition from school to work, especially for disadvantaged youth:

More information on supporting vocational education for disadvantaged youth:

Of interest might also be our Innovations Portal: In the database of projects you can search for programmes and projects aimed at improving the quality of the education system. This includes projects in the field of transition from school to work. The database is only available in German.

Most of the programmes and projects you can find on the websites mentioned above are initiated by the federal or state governments, but there are also initiatives from the private sector, foundations etc.

The trade unions are involved, too. You can find information about their activities via the Confederation of German Trade Unions and on the websites of the trade unions themselves: For more information about their activities you best contact the trade unions directly.

Laws like the "Berufsbildungsgesetz" and regulations for training in the companies are enacted by the federal government. These regulations are prepared by the Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training) in cooperation with representatives of employers and trade unions. The "Ausbildungspakt" is an agreement between government and employers' associations. The organisation and regulation of vocational schools is the responsibility of the state governments.

Qualification of social workers in Germany


I wonder if you can help. I manage a local authority Youth Service in England and have received an application for work from a man claiming to hold a youth work qualification from Germany.

The gentleman advised he is a "State registered Youth Worker", having completed his studies at the "University of Social-pedagogics".

It is proving very difficult to confirm this qualification exists. Do you know of it? If not, can you refer me to some one else who might be able to help?

Should the qualification be a true one I will need to be able to compare its content with our own national standards in youth work. Any help regarding course content and qualification requirements would also be appreciated.


The qualification does exist. In Germany you can qualify as a social worker or social pedagogue by gaining a degree from a university (Universitaet) or university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule or Hochschule). The latter has a more practical orientation. I suppose your applicant holds a degree called in German "Diplom-Sozialpaedagoge (FH)" or "Diplom-Sozialarbeiter (FH)". The FH is short for Fachhochschule. As far as I know this is the most common form of qualification in this field. But there might be variations. For more information about qualifications in the social sector you can contact the German professional association for social work (Deutscher Berufsverband für Soziale Arbeit e.V. - DBSH):

I took a look at the following website of the Department of Health: and I would say that the applicant's qualification is equivalent to this description: But as I do not know his certificates and am not entitled to give a binding recommendation for recognition this is just a hint.

The responsible institution in the UK for recognising vocational qualifications and degrees is: In Germany the Zentralstelle fuer auslaendisches Bildungswesen (ZAB) (central office for foreign education) is responsible for recognising foreign degrees and giving advice on German qualifications. Your applicant should contact the ZAB and try to obtain a certificate of equivalence (Aequivalenzbescheinigung) that will describe his qualification and give recommendations for the recognising body in the UK. More information about this procedure can be found here:

Should any trouble or conflicts arise in the recognition process, the following EU organisation can help: SOLVIT

Other contacts of interest might be the

European Association of Schools of Social Work and Social Work Educators There you can find an overview of social work degree programmes in Germany:

European Network in Social Work

International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW):

Maybe they know of experiences with the recognition of foreign qualifications.

Vocational training in the anodizing and electroplating field


I would like to know if you have any vocational training in anodizing and electroplating field in vocational education system. Now I am following my father's job who was famous electroplating researcher in Iran. I wanted to gain more experience in aluminum anodizing field.

I am studying mechanical eng. Moreover working in the electroplating section.


Yes we have vocational training in the anodizing and electroplating field in Germany. The vocation is called "Oberflaechenbeschichter" in German and it is a three year apprenticeship in the industry or crafts sector. You can find a detailed description at but the text is only available in German.

For general information about the vocational education and training system in Germany see the resources at:

To get into contact with German companies or to find opportunities for training in Germany the following addresses might be helpful:

German–Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

InWEnt - Capacity Buildung International

Professional associations in the anodizing and electroplating field that you can contact for further information on training (websites are in German):

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Galvano- und Oberflaechentechnik

Zentralverband Oberflaechentechnik

Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft fuer Oberflaechenbehandlung

Bundesverband Metall - Vereinigung Deutscher Metallhandwerke

If you are interested in a study exchange programme you should contact the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): They have an office in Iran:

Further information can be found at

More information on our server: Students from abroad

Find out about Germany:

Special needs education in Germany


I would like to ask you to send me educational policy analysis of Germany (special needs education)


You can find information about special needs education in Germany on the following websites:

The Education System in the Federal Republic of Germany provided by the The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany:

European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education: Germany

A large collection of internet resources on special neeeds can be found on our server at Please note that most of the resources are only available in German.

For information on special needs education and policy in the federal states you best contact the respective ministries of education:

Job search sites in English


I am about to move to Germany from Australia and will be looking for work. I do not speak German yet, so I wonder are there any job search sites in English?


I could find the following websites that offer job search facilities in English:

Whether all job ads are available in English I cannot say.

More job search services can be found on this page (most of them probably only in German):

For general information about working in Germany and finding a job you can find an English language information sheet of the German employment service here:

More information on working and living in Germany:

Information on learning German:

Learrning German for adults

Support for immigrants

International comparison early years framework


I am studying Early Years Childhood Studies. Part of my course requires me to compare international early years frameworks and curriculum's for the 0-5 age range. Would it be possible for you to forward information on these please.


For your comparison of international early years frameworks and curriculums I can only send you some links from the feature "Looking at /comparing with Europe and worldwide" You can find there reports, information on cross national projects and information on the curricula in selected countries. The page "Early educational concepts and international curricula" is also dealing with your request. I hope that the information will behelpful.