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===Choice of school, school types, North Rhine-Westphalia===
===Choice of school, school types, North Rhine-Westphalia===

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1 Choice of school, school types, North Rhine-Westphalia


My name is ... and I plan to do my PhD in Aachen RWTH, Germany next year. I have three children. I would like to send them to public school and I understand they have different types of school there. I would like to know which or what type of school could my children go since they have not studied in Germany. Please help me.


Regarding your questions about schools for your children, I would like to invite you to visit the following link on Deutscher Bildungsserver: You will find informations in english regarding school systems, institutions, laws, addresses etc.. Furthermore it might be useful for you to visit the homepage of Nordrhein-Westfalen's Ministry of Education klicking on (here, information ist only available in german, though). Here you can find especially addresses of single schools and further information about the school system in Nordrhein-Westfalen and phone numbers.

2 Regulations for English language exams of the Abitur (A-level)


I am a staff member in the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the .... We are currently researching the English language component of a range of qualifications, including the German Abitur.

I would be grateful for any other information available on the English language component of the German secondary qualification. Ideally, we're looking for a syllabus, detailed assessment/mark scheme and sample exam papers.


There are several resources about the German Abitur available but unfortunately only in German.

As a federal state Germany actually has 16 education systems but there are a number of agreements on and regulations for the Abitur from the "Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs" that apply to all:

Gymnasiale Oberstufe (sixth form) in the Laender:

Agreements on the Abitur and gymnasiale Oberstufe (sixth form): appendix to the above document:

Central and decentral exams in the Laender:

Duration of schooling at the Gymnasium (secondary school/ grammar school):

Agreement on the mutual recognition of the Abitur in the Laender:

Sample for school leaving report:

Concerning the English language:

Unified examination requirements for the English language (Abitur):

Some resources on exam questions for secondary schools (no complete list for all Laender) Up-to-date information is also available from the ministries of education

school curricula in the Laender:

For information on detailed assessment and mark schemes you best contact the ministries of education:

For general information:

A short introduction to the Oberstufe (sixth form) in English: Collection of resources on the German education system: (several resources are available in English)

3 Purchase of German math books


I am interested in purchasing German Math books that would be used in German schools for children ages 9-14. If I can not purchase the exact books, I would like equivalent material. I am trying to develop math comparisons between US grades 4th-8th for my PhD.


As we are no bookshop it is not possible to buy math books from us. We only provide internet resources on education in Germany.

Links to lists of school books used in schools in the German Laender can be found at: Unfortunately the websites are only in German. Of interested for the given age groups are the school types: Grundschule, Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium. The German word for math is Mathematik.

You can also try and contact the ministries of education for lists of school books:

4 English medium / international school, near Witten


I am looking for an English medium international school for my child (who is 7 year old) in or near Witten, Germany. I request you to send me information about the above


To find schools in Nordrhein-Westfalen, please visit the following link:

For further information about international schools in/near Witten you can also contact "Landesbildungsserver NRW" directly, klicking on

5 Partner school Comenius project


We want to join the Comenius School Partnerships Programme for this year,so we need to find the coordinate school and a partner.You can offer your project's subject to us.We can accept your subject.Could you help about this subject to us as soon as possible? We need the Coordinae School's Information and partners' information on the application form for our national agency.The 30 rd March is the latest day for us.The Turkish national agency has been given this time to us,so we don't have enough time. If you are interested in fillig in the application form you can send it to us,Our National Agency wants to get the information about the coordinate school and the partner on the aplication form.If you fill in the form,you can send it to us and then we are going to fill in the form. Our School is only two years. Although it is a new school,it is known very well by everybody from its education system.There are only twenty students in each class. It has Biology, Chemistry, Science, Music, History, Literature, Engilsh, Computer, Geography, Physics, physical-Education, Mathematics and Health lessons.It has a headmaster,an assistant,and twenty-three teachers and a civil-servant.It has twenty-two computers in computer room.There are two hundred schoolgirls and two hundred-six schoolboys etc. Could you contact with us in English immediately,please? We are looking forward to your kind reply as soon as possible.


The German Education Server is a web portal and offers internet resources about education in Germany. We are no school and we do not participate in EU-projects.

For information about Comenius-projects in Germany you best contact the Paedagogischen Austauschdienst (PAD) (pedagogic exchange service) Unfortunately, the website is only in German. Their contact address you can find at

They also offer a link list for partner search:

General information on Comenius can be found at

6 Starting school, primary school Schleswig-Holstein


My son was born in ..., and is attending the "reception year" at the ..., England. Here school starts the year that the children are 5, and he can already recognise letters and numbers, do some very basic reading, and basic maths (sums etc). I have the possibility to move to ... in Germany in the summer for work. I know that children in Germany start school the year they are 6-7, which for him wouldn't be until 2008-2009. Please could you let me know what would exactly happen or what are the possibilities for him, as spending one year out of school doesn't sound like a good idea now that he has already started school; nor it would be attending a class where the children are still learning to recognise letters and numbers!


In Schleswig-Holstein there is a new concept for school starters called "Eingangsphase" or sometimes "Flexible Eingangsphase" (flexible beginning). It means that children can spend a different amount of time (1,2 or 3 years) for the first two years at school, depending on the child's abilities. More information can be found at the education server for Schleswig-Holstein at: The website is only in German but the editors might be able to help you in English:

The local school authority (Schulamt) can also give you advice. The addresses can be found at

General information about the primary school in Schleswig-Holstein can be found at the ministry of education:

The parents' organisations in SH can be found at: Maybe they can advise you as well.

7 Technical infrastructure at schools, administration and financing


My name is..., I am teacher at ...;Chile. I also carry out some educational activities in the Computer Science Institute, at ... - Chile.

At present, I’am doing a Post Degree Program in that University; I am in the final phase (Thesis Work or Memory) of a Masters in Educative Computer Science.

In order to achieve a good end in this vocational educational training, I'm doing a research that it explore and investigate the conditions that require the educational establishments (in Chile) to get a major autonomy in the infrastructure management and services ICT (Information, Communications, Technologies).

In order to describe a theoretic framework of the international experience on this matter, i need to distract its attention to request you to indicate me how it is the management technological experience of infrastructure and services in the primary and secondary educational establishments in Deutschland.

I need to know the international experience in advanced countries as yours... to know how the establishments manage of technological infrastructure incorporation; how is the funding to get these resources and if exists autonomy in the schools on this matter on the technological implementation? Who and how they take decisions about to the technological implementation in the schools?

I would request if you could indicate me some contact, like a Web Site or another alternative that allows to obtain the data I need.


I cannot give you a detailed answer as Germany is a federal state and there are 16 school systems. For questions about the implementation and management of the technological infrastructure in schools I would advise you to contact the education servers of the 16 states: The addresses of the ministries of education can be found at:

There is also an organisation whose main task was to connect schools to the internet and that now supports projects on using the new media in school contexts. Maybe they can be helpful as well: Unfortunately the website is only available in German.

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