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Recognition of Australian Dr title


I have a Doctor of Philosophy from the University....

Could you please inform me in which German documents I am entitled to include my Dr Title (i.e. Melderegister, legal communication, bank accounts, etc.).


For information on the recognition of foreign qualifications you can contact the Central Office for Foreign Education (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen): http://www.kmk.org/zab/home1.htm They should be able to advise you on this matter or can tell you which authority in Germany is responsible in your case.

Recognition of degree in special education from the USA


I recently graduated from a university in the United States with a degree in Special Education. Is that type of degree accepted in Germany to teach at a public school? Please send me some information because I am interested in teaching special education in Germany.


please visit the following link on Deutscher Bildungsserver to find vast informations about special education in Germany: http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen.html?seite=908

Most informations are in german language.

Scholarship for studies in Germany


I wish you be very good and have lovely time in your work, and personal life I have a request " can i work for completing my high Education, or can i have a scholarship with the aid of you I sent you my C.V, attached with message, to have a full idea about me.


I hope the following links will help you with your request:

http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=2416 (This page contains several links concerning financial support for foreign students.)

Very recommendable are the following three links: http://www.campus-germany.de/english http://www.daad.de/deutschland/foerderung/stipendiendatenbank/00462.en.h tml http://cairo.daad.de/

And finally a link about studying in Germany: http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=4457

Course on didactics of higher education


I am... graduated in ..., Italy, Università ..., in Classics (Filologia e Letteratura Classica). After the degree I attended a PHD (Dottorato) in Latin Literature. Now I am coming to Muenster's University to teach Italian Literature with Prof. Christoph Miethin, from .... I need your hel: in that period I should attend in your city LESSONS, SEMINARS or CONFERENCES about the HIGH-SCHOOL TEACHING. In fact, I am attending a program in ... to become teacher of high-school (in Literature-Humanities), and I should not lose those 3 months. So here at my University they told me to find something in Germany equivalent to what I would do in Italy. Can you help me? Can I get into your program, even if for a short period? Also something about Paedagogie or Philosophy/Psicology could be good. If this is possible, it could state the beginning of a collaboration between the University of ... and the University of Muenster.


From your letter I assume that you actually wanted to contact the University of Muenster whose address is http://www.uni-muenster.de/ Maybe Prof Miethin can tell you whether such courses exist in Muenster. Information on further education at the University of Muenster can be found at http://www.uni-muenster.de/Weiterbildung/welcome.html

We are the Deutscher Bildungsserver (German Education Server) and provide internet resources on education in Germany. We do not offer any courses or programmes ourselves.

We have some information on higher education didactics (in German only) on page http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=121 but we cannot give any advice on specific courses.

General informatio on adult education in North Rhine-Westphalia: http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=3550

International study courses in Germany, admission to higher education


I'm German and live since ... with my Malaysian husband in .... We have 2 kids who have the German [euro passport] and who are schooling in an international school under the British school system.

We would like them to study in Germany once they completed their high school. Could you advise us were we can get more information about : english speaking universities in Germany; what possibilities do they have in Germany with British education to enroll in Germany universities; what are the possible schools or institutions were they can learn German language; any constrictions for them to enroll without German school system background education?; is it easier for them to apply with their Malaysian citizenship [they also have the Malaysian passport]?; any holiday camp like offers for them at summer holidays were they can participate in Germany ?

We would appreciate very much your help and assistance in this matters. Looking forward to hearing from you.


For information on the recognition of foreign qualifications in Germany you can contact the Zentralstelle fuer auslaendisches Bildungswesen der Kultusministerkonferenz: http://www.kmk.org/zab/home1.htm

Further information on access to higher education can be found at: http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen.html?seite=1246 and http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen.html?seite=2412

As soon as you know the university at which your children want to study you should contact the respective university for details on admission.

International programmes at German universities can be found via the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): http://www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/idp/06542.de.html

For advice on learning German you best contact the Goethe Institut, they have an office in Malaysia: http://www.goethe.de/ins/my/kua/deindex.htm

Online resources for learning German: http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen.html?seite=1677

Sports sciences in Germany


i am from pakistan,i want admission in german university to carry out my postgraduation in sports sciences,how can you help me with this regard.


For information on studying in Germany you best contact the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): http://www.daad.de They can help you with all questions concerning admission, financing etc.

Further information can be found at http://www.study-in-germany.de/

More information on our server: Students from abroad http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=2511 Find out about Germany http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=4094

Study in Germany / Study at the University of Cambridge


we work as Egyptian center for educational services to send students to study abroad at international universities so can we know about the prices of your program ,medical insurance ,home stay and costs of English course . We have agents around world wide so we need to treat with your university. We hope to reply soon Thanks,

dear yasser , we have a new student his name... he ask about after his studing for diploma at (I T) AT CAMBRIDGE college ,can him complete his studing for( ph) ? but ..., he want to know if the (PH) equal (Diploma) or if he can compelete to (ph) direct and what is the steps to can study (ph) and required certificates .we mean what the procedures to study (ph) at CAMBRIGE your reply is urgent


You contacted the German Education Server (Deutscher Bildungsserver). We are no university but an internet portal offering information about education in Germany.

For detailed information about studying in Germany you best contact the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): http://www.daad.de They have an office in Cairo: http://cairo.daad.de/

For information about studying at Cambridge University you should contact the university directly: http://www.cam.ac.uk/

Scholarship for German language course and study course in theology


I would like to respectfully solicit your help in applying for a bursary for the purpose of pursing higher studies in Germany. I shall graduate from ... this coming May, with a BA degree in Theology, and would like to continue my studies toward an MA degree in the same area.

The Adventist Institution in Germany that would offer an MA in Theology is...

While at ... in Madagascar, I had a minor in Management, and I did a three-month internship at the ....

It is my intention to learn the German language for one year before starting my higher studies.

I know that Madagascar will greatly benefit from my expertise in the field of Theology, since the members of the clergy contribute greatly, in many areas, to the development of the Malagasy population.


thank you for your request, which I hopefully can reply to in an appropriate manner. As you have pointed out the University you would like to attend in Germany (Friedensau Theologische Hochschule), I checked the website and they offer stipends/scholarships for students from abroad, which are supplemented by the German Academic Exchange Service if necessary. Hence,it might be helpful to contact the University – by e-mail, for further advice. Further, you can contact the Goethe Institute, e-mail: info@goethe.de as to German courses, although there is no Goethe Institute in Madagascar – they offer a number of courses, also online, via their website http://www.goethe.de/lrn/enindex.htm.

The German Education Server does not provide stipends itself, but information resources. You can thus check the following English language websites for further information regarding a study course in Germany:

http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=4457 (Studying in Germany) http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=4097 (Learning and teaching German)

I hope you will find a suitable German course and stipend

Question Nr. 2

Thank you very much of this letter and would like to give for you the information with ...University, in ... he is offering the German courses. The scholarship who is give is 2400 euro but my fee schools is 6500 euro the first year and 7 000 x 2 to have a MA in Theology. I ask one question how is the processus to get the scholarship in the German Academic Exchange Service?

Answer Nr. 2

As we do not provide any information beyond what is available on the Internet, I would suggest you to consult the DAAD website for further information, see http://www.daad.de

As a citizen of Madagascar, you might also find it helpful to consult the German Counsil at Madagascar, which offers a website in French and German, see http://www.antananarivo.diplo.de/Vertretung/antananarivo/ . The website also offers you an address, and information on studying and researching in Germany. In fact, I believe you would probably be best advised to consult the Madagascan address, the Ambassade d'Allemagne Antananarivo – see the website above, where you can find personal advice.

Question Nr. 3

I wrote a letter for the embasy and the embasy said that he haven't a bursary in the Allamande. I wish to study but I haven't a possibility to paid my fee. I have some experiency the Massotherapy and phytotherapie I have a certificate of this. I m ready to work to paid my fee school.

I wrote also in the University and he said that I paid 2500 euro in the inscription and after I ll receive 2400 euro of the bursary. The fee of voyage I have. If you have a possibility help me to have a MA degree

Answer Nr. 3

While students from EU or EAA countries are allowed to work in Germany basically without any restrictions, work regulations are much more strictly limited for international students from non-European countries.

Generally, the job market is available to EU members first, i.e. in areas with high unemployment rates you as a non-European student would find it difficult to obtain employment. As Friedensau is in the East of Germany, where unemployment is quite high, I fear your chance of finding a job would probably not be very hhigh. Again, I would require yo to personally contact the university you have chosen and ask the counsellors there how they assess the situation.

You can also check the following website for further information: http://www.internationale-studierende.de/en/prepare_your_studies/financing/jobbing/

Scholarship for doctoral thesis


I learn from Prof. ... and herrn .... that your esteemed organization may give financial aid as scholarship to those candidates who are planning to study for a doctoral degree or already engaged in doctorial researching work in Germany. I have so great interest in your organization and hope I could be qualified for obtaining it.

With good school reports and master degree, I graduated from College of Computer Science, at..., China. During the diligent time in my institute, I majored in Computer Application Technology and have gotten through a big time. Then, I am very lucky to be offered opportunity to follow up my academic study with a doctorate under the supervision of my professor... in.... There, I realize my dream to do something in the area which I love. My detailed CV has been enclosed in the appendix.

Prof...., my nett Doktorvater, under whose supervision I found my interessant researching area and will put all my energy into it, has suggested me to contact with you for applying the financial aid. I enjoy the doctor study in my interesting area and like the researching Arbeit in German, so I would feel very grateful to you if you could inform me whatever details about your organization and about how to apply for your financial aid.

My dear Sir/Madam, I have been accepted as a Ph.D. student


Thank you for your email, even though the names of the persons you give, tell me nothing. Unfortunately I am not in the position to answer positively, as you probably hope. I have no influence on any scholarship or garnt, I am just an editor of the Deutscher Bildungsserver (German Education Server) in which you may find some helpful hints in order to get a scholarship.

I am sorry to write, but normally it is easier to get such a scholarship when being at home, e.g. by the German embassy or DAAD representative.

As you are here at the Universitaet Tuebingen, at the WSI, I first propose you to contact your professors there. Due to my experience they do better know than anybody else the possibilities and chances to get a scholarship.

On the Deutscher Bildungsserver you find a lot of general institutions offering scholarship possibilities. In fact there are many more, but most are quite specific and give scholarship only due to a certain study field, to people of a certain region, religion, gifted etc... Thus, as editors, we do not know all of them, neither all specific prerogatives for an application.

In the German Education Server you find a lot of possibilities at http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=2416 The first mentioned: Scholarships database Germany seem to me the best and extensive one and also the second one Campus Germany - Scholarships and Grants has some specific offers.

Visit at a higher education institution, department of social pedagogics


In accordance with a telephone conversation you had with one of our group members about visiting a college of social education in Berlin, we are here sending you an explanation of what we would like to see. We have attached it as a file.


There are three Universities of Applied Sciences in Berlin that offer courses in social work or social pedagogics:

Evangelische Fachhochschule Berlin http://evfh-berlin.de/evfh-berlin/html/allg/allg/index.asp

Katholischen Hochschule für Sozialwesen Berlin http://www.khsb-berlin.de/

Alice Salomon Fachhochschule Berlin http://www.asfh-berlin.de/

The German name for your study course is either "Sozialpädagogik" or "Soziale Arbeit", "Sozialarbeit" respectively. People who work in this field are called "Sozialpädagoge" or "Sozialarbeiter".

There is also a professional association which might also be able to help you further: http://www.dbsh.de/

Recognition of German university degrees in Greece


a graduate of the ... University has submitted his Zwischenprufungszeugnis in to our organisation for official recognition (copy attached 1). His studies to this University took place and were completed from ... until .... We would be grateful if you could inform about the academic status of this degree in relation to the three-cycle structure (Bachelor/Master/Doctorate). Is it equivalent to a first cycle degree?

Mr ... has also submmited a Magister Artium degree by the Universitat ... (copy attached 2). We would like you to inform us if he has transferred academic credits from his previous studies at the ... University in order to get the Magister Artium degree by the Universitat ....


I forwarded your request to the German ENIC-NARIC-Centre, that is: Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen im Sekretariat der Ständigen Konferenz der Kultusminister der Länder in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ENIC-NARIC Centre) Central Office for Foreign Education in the Secretariat of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs in the Federal Republic of Germany (ENIC-NARIC Centre) P.O. Box 2240 D-53012 Bonn Germany Phone: +49 228 501 264 Fax: +49 228 501 229 E-mail: zab@kmk.org Web site(s): http://www.kmk.org/zab/home.htm

See also: http://www.enic-naric.net/index.aspx?c=Germany

Concerning this matter, ZAB ist the institution responsible. In case you have further questions, please contact them directly.

Study in Germany, cooperation in higher education


greetings from Mongolia. our students want to study in your school. could they apply for your school? also do you have your branches in abroad? could you send more information in englsh?

could we open your branch in Mongolia? is it possible if yes we have to send our project how to improve it in Mongolia


You contacted the German Education Server (Deutscher Bildungsserver). We are no university but an internet portal offering information about education in Germany.

For detailed information about studying in Germany you best contact the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): http://www.daad.de/en/index.html

Further information can be found at http://www.study-in-germany.de/

More information on our server: Students from abroad http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=2511 Find out about Germany http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=4094

For questions concerning cooperation between higher education institutions in Germany and Mongolia you best contact the German Rectors' Conference http://www.hrk.de/eng/hrk_international/hrk_international.php A database of existing cooperations can be found at: http://www.hochschulkompass.de/kompass/xml/index_koop_en.htm

Time schedule at German universities


I was wondering do universities in Germany have bells like the high schools? How long are classes in German universities? In high schools in Germany is their a rule about how synchronized the bell has to be with German standard time?


From my own experience at university I can say that there are no bells at German universities.

A lesson lasts 45 minutes and usually courses are arranged in units of two lessons. For the organisation and time schedule of classes see also the following text: http://www.study-in-germany.de/english/1.39.164.html

Whether the bells at school are synchronised with standard time I cannot say.

Scholarship for doctoral degree


I completed my MSc in Applied-Microbiology from ..., INDIA. I am currently working as a Research Assistant in INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE. Right now I am looking for a Doctoral degree in the Biological sciences and applying to various universities in Germany.

I recently learned of the fellowship offered by your organization. I believe I would make an ideal candidate. Please send me an application and any other information pertaining to the fellowship.


Unfortunately, we cannot send you any paperwork for applying for a research fellowship in Germany as we only provide information and advice (the Eduserver is a web-based information service, a reference system rather than an organisation).

Therefore, may I suggest the following steps to you: 1) Since you have already established a contact with Professor Lee at the research institute you wish to attend, it would be advisable to ask him/her in particular. In many cases a personal contact is a good address, and they will probably have experience with application procedures and addresses for fellowship grants in their pertinent area of research.

2) The website "Study in Germany" offers information on fellowships, grant foundations and links to their websites, see http://www.study-in-germany.de/english/2.115.409.html

3) You may also check the following sections on our website: http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=4596 (provides you with general resources on research in Germany) Or http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=447 (information guide for foreign students

4) You might also search the following database: Scholarships database (German Academic Exchange Service) http://www.daad.de/deutschland/foerderung/stipendiendatenbank/00462.en.html

The following website gives information on organisations offering grants for foreign students and similiar. http://www.bildungsserver.de/zeigen_e.html?seite=2416