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PLEASE do not buy Bremshey-. I have just bought a Bremshey Orbit Control 16 from anoehtr company. I completely agree with the lack of instructions tiny drawings to follow, no text instructions, no exploded views and I had to download an addendum from the website before being able to put one part together. The left footplate was out of alignment and was only able to be fixed when we (yes my step son and I) drilled a hole in the plate to widen the hole. So far in the four weeks since assembly was completed I have had a loud clunk on the left side which on the instructions of Bremshey I then had to take the machine apart and re grease which has dampened but not cured the problem entirely and a squeak that an engineer has been out to fix and made worse . Aside from this, the pre set programs are boring compared to my old Kettler. Goodness knows what else awaits me .This is a well named machine -it's trained me to be cross

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